We are hungry!  Goats have a very high metabolism, so they are always hungry, which means when Mary opens the stock trailer gate, they are ready to go to work, eating your weeds, brush and invasive trees.

Barnyard Weed Warriors is a rent-a-goat herd grazing service that provides weed & fire control for your property. Owned and operated by Mary Powell. Goats are the ORIGINAL weed eaters, and they will eat through most woody plants and noxious weeds, like elm, locust, buck brush, sericia lespediza, kudzu, poison ivy & oak, dogwood, sumac and more.

Using goats is the green alternative to using chemical and they are much better for the environment as they have no negative impact on the land. They are fun to watch and you can learn a lot about animal behavior, while observing them.

We usually bring 75 goats, all but two are female, we have two neutered males; called wethers, who are couch potatoes (If you want to know the whole story about Aaron and Matthew, just ask). Female goats are called does (like deer) and we have young and old does, ranging from six months up to 14 yrs. At night, the does will sleep in family units (mother with daughters or sisters with sisters) and sometimes friends sleep in groups. Some have names, others just go by their tag number in their ear.

Our grazing season usually runs from June 1st to October 31st, unless weather or other factors modifies our plans.  We are often scheduling 6-10 months in advance, so plan accordingly.  If you have a large property, you may want to consider doing smaller parts at a time, so that after the goats clean up, you can get in and address areas that will require mechanical removal. Our usual size of job ranges from 1/2 acre up to 5-6 acres.  For longer term jobs, we will schedule accordingly.

Most importantly, we are a way to control weeds and brush on property, whether it be in city parks, private property or in pastures. We can set up an annual plan to fit your needs, to control the brush and weeds that you have on your property.