About the Goats

The Barnyard Weed Warriors are a group of mainly female goats, from Ash Grove Goat Ranch.  We have American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) registered goats and cross bred goats, including Kiko-Boer and Spanish-Boer goats that are bred to produce meat.  The goats are generally heavier muscled animals than dairy goats, which are gangly, skinny looking all the time.  The Boers and Boer crosses generally are more muscled and the females weigh between 80-175 pounds, while the males can weigh 180 up to 350 pounds.

The work crew has two neutered males; Aaron and Matthew.  These boys were adopted as pets in 2016 and returned to Ash Grove Goat Ranch because their adopted mom didn’t think it was a good thing for them to sneak into the house, through the doggie door and sleep on the couch, while she was at work.  Yes, they are couch potatoes!  So Aaron and Matthew became part of our work crew and will eventually be trained to pull carts, for parades and work around the farm.  These boys love attention and are very sweet.

What do you call them?

Breeding males are called Bucks or Billies (The meat industry prefers Bucks).

Breeding females are called Does or Nannies. (The meat industry prefers Does)

Young males are called, bucklings until they are neutered or used for breeding.

Neutered males of any age are called wethers.

Young females are called doelings until they have their first litter of babies.

Kids are what you call young goats of any sex under six months of age.

When a doe is giving birth, she is in the process of kidding.