For those who are thinking about getting into the goat industry but have no idea where to start or have no livestock husbandry skills, Mary and Penny are working on having at least two Goat Clinics/Boot Camps for hands-on learning.  These clinics will cover basic health, giving injections for vaccinations, trimming feet, selecting breeding stock, types of housing and fencing, animal behavior and more.  There will be a cost to this clinic and you can either come to the farm for the hands-on training or attend a boot camp that we will be scheduling in the future.  We must have at least 15 attendees who reserve a spot, to have these clinics/boot camps.  One camp will be on a farm at Oskaloosa, Kansas and we have two other potential sites pending.  Please contact us for more information.

These clinics are open to adults and youth who are at least 14, if they attend by themselves.  Any youth from 10-14 must be accompanied by an adult.  The camp will be two days.  At the farm, we can do individual training for the price of a clinic.

Materials will be provided that will cover the topics listed above as well as other resources for information and will be in a 3-ring binder.