With all the crazy things going on this year, Mary needed more help than just a second crew to do the weed work, she needed a secretary, dispatcher, assistant, coach and over all helper; in the door comes Penny!

Penny McGlachlin has been a friend of Mary’s since they were lab partners in high school.  Penny is an animal person and has many animals on her little spread, including mini pigs, chickens, horses, dogs, cats and during grazing season, Barnyard Weed Warriors Goat Team 2.

When Mary talked to Penny about starting Goat Team 2 as a business, Penny also agreed to help with the logistics, scheduling and other office work, to help free Mary up to do what she does best, graze the goats and educate the public on the benefits of using goats for weed and brush control.  If you get an email or a text response, you will probably be communicating with Penny.  She also does follow up calls and relays any information from Mary, to you.

We welcome Penny to the Barnyard Weed Warrior team with open arms and celebrate that she has been such a blessing this summer and fall.