In the off season, Mary does speaking events for those interested in learning about the benefits of using goats as a natural way to control weeds, brush and fire prevention, raising meat goats and she is also a Storyteller-Humorist-Cowboy Philosopher & Poet, known as The Barnyard Mare, Duchess of the Prairie.

Let the Barnyard Mare entertain your group, organization, family reunion, county fair with her cowboy misadventure storied, humor, philosophy and poetry.  The Mare has over 30 years of livestock experience and countless misadventures with them.  She tells it like it was and is, from a female perspective.  She’s punched cattle, trained horses, roped pigs, wrangles goats and raises Border Collies.  She can speak about her livestock experiences and about raising meat goats or using goats for weed, brush & fire control.

To Schedule an event with the Barnyard Mare or to have Mary speak about meat goats and the benefits of natural weed, brush & fire control: Call 785-531-0331 ask for Mary  OR      Email: