We are so excited to announce the arrival of Joy’s first litter of American Border Collie Association registered puppies!  The puppies made their appearance on February 19, 2018, starting with the arrival of Fly, the newest member of the BWW working dog crew.  Five puppies were born and all are doing well.  Three of the five puppies were red and white, which is not a rare occurrence but it doesn’t happen that often.  We had two males and three females and three of the puppies were spoken for within the first week of their lives.  We have pictures of the puppies and video of the loud little buggers on our Barnyard Weed Warrior Facebook page.

We are very excited about Fly joining our work crew and have great expectations for her as she starts her informal training this grazing season and will transition into formal training after her first birthday, where she will go to a professional trainer.  Fly will be the first professionally trained dog on the crew, when her training is complete.

Some may ask if we are planning another litter of puppies.  At this time, we have tentatively planned for the Fall of 2019, for our next litter of pups.  We do not raise puppies, just to raise puppies, rather, we raise a litter, when the need for another dog for our work crew or we receive requests for working dogs.  In the meantime, please check back as we keep track of Fly, during her first year and beyond.