The winter weather in November has shut us down until further notice.  If you have a day job that we can do, give us a call and we can figure out the logistics.  This time of the year, goats are in clean-up mode on most job sites.  They will eat what greenery is left and then start cleaning up the litter on the ground.  Remember that it is the litter on the ground that causes a lot of problems in wildfires.  The heavier the litter cover on the ground, the higher the intensity of a wildfire and the higher intensity is what damages trees.  So, if you are concerned about wildfires in the Spring, you may want to have the goats do a litter clean-up in the Fall.

We are also booking for the 2019 Grazing season already.  Contact us at our email or call 785-531-0331 or Penny at 316-833-8381, Penny is Mary’s Goat Team 2 operator and she has a smaller herd for jobs that aren’t as large.  She can do smaller properties in the city or in rural areas as well.  Penny is referred to as Mary’s Administrative goddess, and she has been a great help in organizing and scheduling.