The Summer of 2022 will be a hard one to look back on as June 14, 2022, our senior border collie, Jinx crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  She had fallen ill a few days prior and she was diagnosed with Ehrlichia, which is a bacteria transmitted by ticks.  It is evident that she was bitten by a tick prior to starting our yearly tick treatment and she fell pretty ill.  Tests also found a mass on her liver and also had pancreatitis.  When she didn’t respond to treatment, Mary made the decision to not allow Jinx to suffer through an illness that was going to be very painful.  As Jinx took her last breath, Mary was holding her and gave Jinx her last command, “Get around them Jinx.”

While the loss of Jinx has caused a change in the dog pack, plans for the future are moving forward.  Fly will be temporarily moving in with Dudley, who is to be the sire of the up and coming littler of pups that is to be expected in November!  From that litter, the next generation of working dog for the BWW operation will come!  We already  have a name picked out and will be anxiously awaiting to see what the pup will look like and what her personality will be like.  Will she take after her mother, Fly? Will the puppy have a similar personality as Jinx, her granddam Joy or her great-granddam Miss Allie? OR cold it be possible that this next little Miss be totally different?  Only time will tell.