The 2021 grazing season has ended and we was not able to get to everyone who requested our services.  Bad in one way but great that we are so busy.  We have added a goat rental business in the Wichita area and they will be covering that area for us.  You can still make the request through our site and your information will be given to Ryan and his wife.  They will contact you and schedule the job.  We are still working on getting more people to join our goat rental cooperative, so we can cover more areas of Kansas.

We have been slow to respond to your emails due to the loss of our secretary.  So Mary is trying to manage all the emails, phone calls and jobs.  We have added a phone line and that number is 785-420-0472.

Barnyard Weed Warriors IOWA is a reality now with Donny Lovell at the helm of the IOWA division.  Remember that each business that works with us is a SEPARATE entity that uses our network.  Donnie’s division is south of Des Moines, Iowa.  If you want to book with him, you can call 319-930-8570.