Mary and the Barnyard Weed Warriors were notified that they had been awarded an Environmental Stewardship Award by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.  This award recognizes organizations and small businesses for good stewardship of the land.  For more information about the award, you can check out the link and watch the video.

“I was initially shocked that we were selected to receive this award.” Mary said.  “Then it made me feel good that I can represent all animal agriculture with this award, as proof that we in livestock production do care about the environment and we strive to make sure that we can continue to produce a high quality protein with our land management practices.”

Here is a link to a video that the KDHE did about us and the award!

Goats are the best way to manage areas that sensitive to chemical run-off, are rough terrain or are to be utilized in a way that chemical would not be beneficial.  Not only are they good for the environment, goats are entertaining and therapeutic as well.