We have two of Fly’s pups that are for sale.  Big Jim is the only male of the  litter and he is huge!  He is already the size of a 6 month old pup at just barely 4 months old.  He is chasing young goats and wanting to work.  He is an eye dog and often goes for the head but is also a heel dog, like his daddy.   He does have markings that go back to his great granddam, Miss Allie, so he  has one blue eye and quite the lover.  He is laid backed and likes to be loved on.

Big Jim just woke up.

Possum is a female that hasn’t turned on yet but she is right there and when the l ight goes on , she will be quick and agile.  She likes lots of attention, like Jim and she will make a good all around farm and herding dog.

Possum is a quiet girl but she will surprise you.

We do not sell pups to people who have never had a working livestock dog as these dogs are a handful to raise and train but are great working dogs.  We do not ship dogs either as our policy is the following: We want the owner and dog to bond at our place and we want to see positive interactions before the pup leaves us.  We also want to know more about the potential owner before they get the dog.  We will ask for your regular vet’s number and some references.  We don’t raise pups to make money, we raise pups as replacements in our program, the extras go to other livestock producers who use dogs.  So, no pups will go to cities or towns and no pup will be placed with families who haven’t any experience with working Border Collies.

If you fall into the category of  those who use working dogs, you can email us or call 785-420-0472 and we can visit about Big Jim or Possum.