Barnyard Weed Warriors is first and foremost, a goat grazing service, offering weed, brush, invasive trees and wildfire prevention.  We bring our goats to your property to eat their way through the vegetation, lowering the amount of biomass on the property and lowering the chances of fire intensity.  We are not a one-time fix, but rather a way to manage your land in a manner in which benefits the land in many ways.

In addition to vegetation control, BWW can also provide working dog demonstrations, educational programs, entertainment, and help raise money for special causes.  We are also available for baby goat therapy, in the early spring. Oak Valley Goat Ranch, the home of the Barnyard Weed Warriors.  We do offer times when you can visit the ranch at Oak Valley.  We do weekend visits where you can come pet the goats or watch as Mary trains her dogs. Call for more information if you would like to visit the ranch.

Working dog demonstrations– BWW is often asked to do working dog demonstrations for special events.  We bring goats and the dogs, to ‘work’ and demonstrate the way the dogs can herd livestock.

Educational programs–  BWW is all about educating the public about the benefits of using goats as an all-natural way to manage land, without chemical controls and the health benefits of goat meat.  We also like to educate the public on animal agriculture and often hosts visits from home schooling groups and private individuals.  We welcome groups to our farm and we can also come to a site, to educate as well.  We offer The Basics of Goat Ownership and Animal Husbandry for those wishing to get goats of their own.

Benefits– BWW is willing to schedule work, to help raise money for various benefits.  Do you have a library project that needs a special activity to draw people to your event?  Let the goats demonstrate their weed eating abilities for the public.  Just have a place for the goats to eat weeds and brush and have folks bring their chairs wot watch.  Contact Mary for a more detailed idea of how to set up your benefit event.

Therapy– There is a therapeutic value, to watching goats do their thing with the vegetation.  People admit being mesmerized by the goats working as a group, to eat the vegetation.  Many times visitors find themselves relaxing and enjoying the simplicity of the activity AND who can resist a goat?  We offer specific types of therapy, including baby goat therapy, which is an on-ranch activity in the early spring.  Coming to watch the babies play or holding a bottle baby can often erase the weight on your shoulders.  Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best thing to turn your bad day into something sweet.  You can call and schedule an appointment.

Consultation Services- Consulting services include land management using livestock as well as raising goats and how to set up your goat operation in a profitable manner.  If you want to raise goats, Mary will certainly be happy to help you plan your farming operation!