After what seemed a long gestation, Fly gave birth to EIGHT Border Collie pups on November 8, 2022!  She had SEVEN GIRLS an one boy (Girls rule and boys drool!).  Mom and babies are doing well. It was a long day for not only Fly but also Mary as Fly was digging around in Mary’s room trying to ‘dig a nest’.  The first pup was born at 3:28 PM and the last pup arrived at 11:03PM.  While the first two weeks was quiet and relaxing, the following weeks have been noisy, exciting and a  lot of work.  These are no ordinary puppies of course, they are livestock working bred Border Collies with a high drive to bite livestock.  Their sire is a working dog that works cattle and sheep while Fly works goats and cattle.  We will try to keep you updated on the pups with photos.

Our puppies are not pets, they are bred to work and are not appropriate for the average home.  The puppies will only go to families who have working dogs and know how to properly care for and train working border collies.  Extensive background checks along with a vet reference is needed.  Sounds harsh? Not really when a large number of Border Collies end up in rescues or shelters because the people who got them had no clue how  high energy they are and need a job or they will make one for themselves. In fact, a large number of border collies get hit by cars or are put down because they bite (biting is a natural instinct when herding).  Is it fair to the dog to end up in a shelter or get hit by a car? No.  Even the best homes for these dogs have terrible accidents and lose their working partner.  It is the responsibility of the owner to do the best the can to protect their dog, even when working livestock.

Stay tuned for the photos or you  can follow us on the Barnyard Weed Warriors Facebook page and the Ash Grove Goats & working dogs FB page.